About us

Whether you are …

  • A teen fighting with your parents.
  • A middle schooler who is going through a friend group change.
  • A divorced parent trying to mend your relationship with your child or learn to co-parent more effectively.
  • A couple planning a big move (or a big day!) who want to make sure your relationship skills are solid.
  • A soon-to-be empty nester couple who is realizing the connection has waned over the years.
  • Parents of teenagers who are pulling your hair out and need coaching and support — not just about your kiddo, but also your relationship with your spouse…
  • A 20-something trying to figure out how to be out on your own, who the hell you are, and how to build community and how to build a healthy dating relationship…

Center Counseling has the support you need right now. None of us live in a bubble and at Center Counseling, we not only recognize this, but make it central to our work with clients. With four counselors on staff, we will match you with the counselor who is the best fit for you (or your family) … because, again, it is all about connection and if you don’t click with your counselor, the work won’t work.

We have always seen our work as relationship-focused: relationship between parent and child, between siblings, between co-parents, and relationship with self. With our expanded counselor base, we are now able to offer support to all the relationships in a person’s life. We continue to work with individuals, whether pre-adult or adult, from a context of connection, bringing in parents, partners, or family members when appropriate to help the work move forward. From tweens to later-in-life couples and individuals, Center Counseling is here for you.

Call or text (406) 599-5355 to chat with Evan about which therapist will be the right fit for you or learn more about our team here:

You may also submit the form below to contact Evan. She will chat with you about what is going on and will match you with the right counselor for your needs.