Parenting is the best and the absolute worst all at the same time and wrapped together. And to make matters more complicated, every child is entirely different. We often hear from parents who say that their first child or two was fine and when they got to the youngest, they didn’t know what to do anymore because this child was so different. Or we hear from parents who see that their own issues are impacting their ability to be there fully for their children. And then there are the parents looking for strategies on how to support their child who is going through a hard time. And the parents whose anxiety or depression is impacting their relationship to parenting itself not to mention their child.

Evan Center, the founder of Center Counseling, initially got into this work because of her love of the adolescent energy and phase of development. But what she found over decades of working with teens in different settings, was that the most impactful way to help children and their families, was to support and guide the parents. There is no single handbook for parenting (though there are thousands of self-help and pop-psychology books for parents) and it can feel impossible to figure out what will work with your own child when you are in the midst of a challenging phase. Bringing in outside support — someone trained in human development and attachment — can bring clarity and decisiveness to a process that can feel muddy and bogged down.

We work with parents individually or together to:

  • support them in their own process in order to be better connect with their child
  • offer strategies that are customized for their child’s temperament and individual challenges
  • soothe the anxieties that often come with parenting
  • rebuild and repair relationships with children after divorce or other ruptures
  • create a unified plan and prevent the divide and conquer efforts of their children

Call or text Evan at (406) 599-5355 to chat about what is going on and to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors, or send a message through the form below. We look forward to supporting your family.