Getting Started

First step to getting started:

Fit is critical in making counseling effective. At Center Counseling, unless you’ve been referred to specific counselor by a friend or medical provider, you’ll start with a call to Evan Center, the founder and original counselor at Center Counseling. A short phone conversation will bring her up to speed so she can match you with the right Center Counseling clinician (and, as has always been our policy, if she doesn’t think we have someone who will fit with your personality and needs, she will give you specific names of other counselors in Bozeman who she thinks will be the best fit for what you need).

Call or text Evan at (406) 599-5355 or send a message here.

What to expect in your first session:

Your counselor will welcome you into our office and offer you water/ tea and a snack (we know teens are hungry creatures… and sometimes so are the rest of us) and will see if you have any questions about our intake paperwork (which you will have had the opportunity to fill out online ahead of time). She or he will go over confidentiality (critical to the counseling relationship!) and ask you about what brings you to counseling and will work with you to clarify your goals. This session is about getting oriented, getting to know your counselor, and setting a road map to help us help you meet your goals.

How long does counseling last? How often do we meet?

Typically, counselors meet with clients at least once a week in the initial part of the process in order to build the relationship and gain traction. Fewer meetings in the beginning often result in a failure to launch in the counseling process. We like to let individuals, families, parents, and couples know that we often will set a first round of goals that we will help you work toward over the course of about 6-months. Often you may see some initial improvement in the first few months, but from years of experience, we have seen that this is not the time to stop. You will likely hit road bumps shortly after that will test your ability to implement the skills and strategies you’ve worked on with your counselor… and often, you or your teen will fail to engage those skills successfully the first time around. This is why we encourage our client to mentally commit to doing the work for at least six months — this allows us all the time to build skills, hit road bumps, support you through the process of picking yourself up again, and then hitting a second round of road bumps where we anticipate you’ll be far more successful. That said, in more complex cases or entrenched patterns, we will work with our clients longer term to ensure success in laying down and strengthening new strategies and patterns and dissolving old ways of being.

How much does counseling cost?

If you have BCBS insurance, we are in-network providers for that carrier. Your cost will depend on the coverage offered by your plan. If you are with another insurance carrier or do not wish to use insurance, you can budget for about 26-sessions/ 6-months. With Blair, Patrick, or Crystal the rate for a session is $140-$175 and for sessions with Evan it is $235. Some insurance carriers will reimburse you directly for sessions with an out-of-network provider and we offer receipts you can send to your insurance carrier if you so choose. When we think about the cost of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges (or even divorce), family strife, this number seems less daunting.

Call or text Evan at (406) 599-5355 or use the form below to send a message.