Many therapists of wary of wading into a full family dynamic, but at Center Counseling, we see people through the lens of relationship. You will find therapists out there who will be willing to work with just your child, but this ignores the fact that your child lives within the context of your family. It also runs the risk of building a relationship between the therapist and child that supersedes the attachment between parent and child. We believe that the family is the key component in children’s lives and that by supporting the family as a whole, we support children and parents in having the healthiest and most fulfilling lives available to them. Children don’t live in bubbles, they live in homes with parents, guardians, or other relatives. When we are able to work with entire families (or even segments of them) in different configurations — perhaps one week meeting with parents, another with just the child, a third week with everyone, we get a context and information and access to the dynamics that we would not have otherwise. It allows us as counselors to support building healthy dynamics between family members that lead to healing and health internally with each family member.

Even if we are working with a teen, we never shut the parents out of the process. Family counseling, on some level, is always a part of the work we do at Center Counseling. As counselors, we hope to only be a person in the life of your child and family for between six- months to a couple years; we work to support your lifelong role in each others lives and the lives of your children.

We work with families to:

  • open lines of communication
  • improve patterns of interaction
  • build and rebuild connection
  • repair old wounds
  • support parents roles as leaders within the family

Call or text Evan at (406) 599-5355 to chat about what is going on and to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors, or send a message through the form below. We look forward to supporting your family.