Young Adults

The transition to college can be brutal.

New responsibilities and freedom. Less support. Distance from family. Friend drama. Dating. Challenging classes where old crutches don’t work anymore. Big questions about life, direction, path…

At Center Counseling, we walk alongside young adults attending Montana State University or Gallatin College to help them rise to these challenges and find their internal strength to navigate the adult world.

We have a distinct advantage over parents in that we can often say things, make suggestions, and offer support that would be rejected out-of-hand if it came from a parent. This says nothing about the parents, but says everything about the critical stage of life the young adult is in — now is the time for them to be separating from their parents. And when parents find their hands tied (or perhaps find that their now college student is too tied to them still), that is an ideal time for a counselor to step in and nurture the process to help the young adult fully launch. All four counselors at Center Counseling work with young adults which allows us to find the counselor who is the best fit personality-wise and in terms of background and training to support your young adult. Call or text Evan at (406) 599-5355 (or send a message below) to discuss the situation and to connect to a counselor that can help you or your young-adult take off.