The Best Counselor in Bozeman?

“Fit” is one of the best indicators of whether counseling will work for you. What does that mean for YOU though? Well, in Bozeman, there are hundreds of counselors to choose from. You have a lot of choices… but not all of them will be right for you. First, find a counselor with experience in the area that you need help with. Ask around, call the Help Center’s 211 line (simply dial 211), talk to your doctor… and then call some of those people. Chat with them on the phone to see if you feel comfortable talking with them. Arrange to meet with one or two of them to see if you click in person. And then take a leap. Counseling is not easy and it certainly is not always fun. Counseling will bring up uncomfortable emotions, but if you have someone sitting across from you who you feel comfortable and safe with, you’ll be able to take what comes up and form it into the change you want.

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