Patrick Dahman, MS, LCPC

Patrick Dahman, MS, LCPC

Life transitions, the demands of running a family, raising kids, a high pressure and stressful job, money concerns, and children’s needs can all erode the time and energy you have to put into your relationship. And relationships can be tough. What is needed to make it work often feels overwhelming, unclear, and giving up may seem like the only alternative.

We need connection.

We need love. Without it, the inevitable challenges of life become incredibly difficult. But right now, you might not be thinking that. I work with couples, anywhere from the brink of divorce to “just going through a rough time,” to deepen their connections, build new skills, and bring clarity to their goals and vision.

I believe in the potential of changing the course of your relationship, as dire as it may feel today.

Through years of experience, I have seen firsthand how much work our own lives and relationships require in order to feel successful. It is hard work. There is no silver bullet. However, I commit to supporting you in exploring, rebuilding and strengthening your relationship and yourself.

Relationships have always been central to my life. Whether as a husband, father, friend, manager, consultant, statistician, or counselor, I witnessed how primal our need to interact with others is. We need to be connected and understood, and we are affected and affect those around us. Humans mainly exist within relationships and our life experiences, especially early experiences with parents or caregivers, deeply mold our romantic, personal and professional connection to others. They shape our sense of who we are, our self-esteem, and our ability to act in alignment with our deeper truths. Relationships are often the source of our struggles, but ironically, offer a path to resolution. Relationships are the best place to heal and grow. There is nothing like looking at your own patterns as they play out with the one you love to motivate you to become more conscious and intentional — and ultimately a better version of yourself.

I approach working with families, teens, young adults, and adults from the same perspective. Our work emphasizes discovering your needs, desires, emotions, and thoughts in order to move beyond “stuck.” To become aware. I see our sessions as a means to sort out and untangle what may be feeling like hopelessness, depression, or anxiety. Our interactions can be a conduit to explore your ways of being and thinking, to challenge those, to experiment in the room, to get uncomfortable, and honestly reflect. The point? As your awareness grows about what feels real versus what feels off and holding you back, new choices become clear, and change can occur.

I frequently hear from clients that they want something more than just sitting, talking, re-hashing their fights, life stories, or events of the past week in the therapist’s office. I offer and believe in more. In my experience, couples and individuals need and respond best to active participation from the counselor in session. Calling it like it is, and ensuring no stone is left unturned. Clients deserve a counselor who shows up fully — who is willing to jump in, experiment, and challenge clients. I am there with you, not simply sitting back watching you work out your own issues. I believe that the counseling process can be a powerful catalyst to move change and growth forward rapidly. If it weren’t, you could just work it out on your own. But having an outside perspective allows you to see things and change them in a way you could not on your own.

Change is demanding. Change is rewarding. Whether working on strengthening your couple or yourself, I commit to joining you in that process.