Blair Anne Hensen, MS, LCPC

Blair Hensen, MS, LCPC
Blair Anne Hensen, MS, LCPC

You may come in with a history of break ups, challenging relationships, parent-child conflict, partner conflict, anxiety, depression, mood fluctuations, and life experiences that have been holding you or your family back. Together we begin a process of unfolding your story. Often by looking back and examining the past, we build a foundation of understanding how your relationships, family, and environment are impacting your experience. By understanding past experiences, you can create new experiences in relationships, work, or with your own sense of self. This may include building new coping skills, working on emotional regulation, breaking old patterns, grieving losses, and taking on new challenges and goals. Join me to build a life where you have a choice in how you react, where you feel more deeply connected to friends and family and feel more at peace with yourself.

I view counseling as a collaborative process for growth, reflection, emotional release, and relationship. Counseling offers a supportive environment and relationship to help individuals, couples, and families to cultivate connection, change, and new experiences. It may include education, skill-building, healing, and increased insight. As your counselor, I view myself as a guide to support your exploration and growth.

Together, we will explore and re-envision the life you want (internal and external) based on your own ideas, rather than feeling like you’re being dragged along by history or circumstance. I see interested individuals, adolescents, couples, and families, and specialize in family-of-origin relationships.

I received Masters in Counseling at Montana State University, and have been working with families, couples, and individuals for three years. Prior to becoming a counselor, I worked as a wilderness guide, baker, in food marketing, tourism, global development, and non-profit development and have lived in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Montana. From my own explorations in career, travel, and adventure I learned how to navigate uncertainty, vulnerability, overcome personal challenges, cultures, and rugged landscapes. It was in my own process of discovery, that I came to counseling for my own personal work, and it was through my own healing that I found the very elements of becoming a guide–building trust, safety, and leading with honesty.  I am passionate about traveling alongside others to explore new terrain, which is very much how I view counseling. New terrain invites vulnerability, requires trust, and can lead to amazing new experiences.